Our History

Symes Bains Broomer is a dynamic and expanding local law firm. This is shown by the consistent and frequent expansions and mergers detailed below. Please take the chance to read and reflect on our brief potted history below. In an increasingly competitive market place we refuse to stand still and we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Despite all of these changes and developments, one thing remains core and central to our business and this is putting the needs of clients first. Our fundamental goal is to make the lives of our clients easier by supplying consistently excellent and efficient legal advice when it is needed. We aim to be clear and straightforward in our guidance so that problems faced by our clients suddenly become more manageable. Please take the chance to read our brief potted history below and reflect on our values detailed in this section, which have remained constant in our business.

Timeline of Symes Bains Broomer

The names of RAC Symes & Co and William Bains have been known to generations in the Scunthorpe area. The values of both firms revolved around excellent client care, quality service and technical expertise. In 1999 RAC Symes & Co and Bains merged to become Symes Bains and in 2000 the merged practice moved into its current offices at 2 Park Square in Scunthorpe.

James Broomer, father of current partner Charles Broomer, created the former partnership of Taylor Broomer & Co in the mid 1950’s. The firm was based in Goole and had offices in Howden and Crowle. The lineage of the Howden office can be traced all the way back to the late 18th century, and a recent clear out of the office revealed law books dating back to the 1790s.

In 2004 the practices of Symes Bains and Taylor Broomer & Co merged and this created the firm Symes Bains Broomer. This merger allowed for a much stronger geographical presence in the local area with offices in Scunthorpe, Goole, Howden, Grimsby and Epworth at that time.

The present firm of Symes Bains Broomer continues to go from strength to strength. Our Scunthorpe practice has been extended into the area of criminal law with the recent incorporation of Rix McLaren and Parcton Law Chambers, and the firm has recently moved to new premises in the Market Place in Howden. Coupled with the practice remaining at our well established Goole and Scunthorpe offices, our firm continue to have a strong local and regional presence with an emphasis on our clients.