Divorce Solicitors in Scunthorpe

Getting divorced is an upsetting and often emotionally charged process, particularly concerning finances and children. During this period, the assistance of a divorce law solicitor is recommended, helping to reduce stress, and allowing you to focus on moving forward.

During divorce, there are considerable legal terms thrown around, but with the support of our specialist divorce solicitors at Symes Bains Broomer, you can be confident in receiving a bespoke service with divorce advice explained in clear, plain English without legal jargon. This ensures you are completely aware of each step and are comfortable proceeding with your divorce.

Our divorce solicitors in Scunthorpe always take a friendly approach to family law matters such as divorce proceedings. The team recognise the sensitivity and upset surrounding divorce. We aim to provide close personal support when assisting with initiating divorce proceedings, including making arrangements for children, where applicable.

We are proud to be acknowledged for our outstanding service accompanied by years of experience and skill through a number of Law Society accreditations, including the Family Law accreditation and Family Law Advanced accreditation, which acknowledges the proficient and specialist service the team provide clients, from simple to complex matters.

Furthermore, our client care and practice management are awarded through the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation.

Our divorce law solicitors in Scunthorpe have expertise in matters that include:

  • Applying for divorce proceedings
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • Divorce financial settlements
  • Arrangements for children

Our family law solicitors in Scunthorpe can furthermore provide assistance with separation for unmarried couples or civil partnership dissolution.

For expert advice from our family law solicitors in Scunthorpe, give a member of our team a call on 01724 281616 or email info@sbblaw.com.

We also have an office in Goole for your convenience should you be unable to reach our Scunthorpe office.

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How our Scunthorpe divorce solicitors can help you

Applying for divorce proceedings

The process of applying for divorce in the UK has been simpler since the introduction of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, removing the need for grounds of divorce. The divorce application only requires each party’s personal details (full names and addresses), the original or certified copy of the marriage certificate, along with a statement confirming the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

During the process of initiating divorce proceedings, seeking legal advice and guidance from a professional is recommended.

Our divorce solicitors in Scunthorpe can ensure each aspect of the divorce proceeding process runs smoothly by assisting with the divorce application, including advising on the divorce process, from application through to obtaining the final order and filling in the relevant paperwork.

Our local divorce solicitors have a broad scope of knowledge on divorce legal advice, having collectively worked with various clients in similar scenarios over the years, including cases with more challenging circumstances.

Responding to divorce proceedings

Since the change to the divorce law, it is no longer possible to contest a divorce except in limited circumstances. This means when a sole divorce application is submitted to the court, the respondent may only respond with an ‘acknowledgement of service’ form within 14 days of receipt. This form declares the respondent has received the paperwork and is aware of the divorce proceedings their spouse is initiating.

While the acknowledgement of service process is straightforward, to certify there are no issues later down the line during the divorce proceedings, the assistance of a solicitor is highly encouraged.

Our solicitors can help you with the process of responding to divorce proceedings, whether that is navigating you through the acknowledgement of service form or managing it entirely on your behalf.

Our family law team recognise how emotionally challenging divorce can be and strive to provide sensitive support to clients no matter their circumstances.

Divorce financial settlements

Finances can often be the cause of disagreements between divorcees, with many wanting to protect their assets from their ex-spouse, particularly those assets acquired prior to marriage (non-matrimonial), such as pensions.

Our divorce law solicitors in Scunthorpe have worked alongside many clients facing some of life’s most challenging circumstances, such as the division of finances following a divorce. We will always initially encourage clients to seek a tactical approach to financial settlements, such as out-of-court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including private negotiation and family mediation.

Finding an amicable agreement is not always possible regarding divorce financial settlements, especially where both parties have different views and opinions on what they should be entitled to. If this is the case, our Scunthorpe divorce solicitors, with a strong success rate, can support you in preparing a case for court and representing you during the hearing.

Our divorce financial settlement solicitors in Scunthorpe can provide expertise on important matters, including:

  • What should happen to the family home – should it be sold? Should one party get to keep it?
  • How should bills and debts be paid going forward?
  • How should assets such as savings and investments be divided?
  • How should belongings such as cars and pets be divided?
  • How should family businesses be divided?
  • How should pensions be split?
  • Spousal maintenance payments

For more information on divorce financial settlements in Scunthorpe, please visit our page on dissolution, divorce and finances.

Arrangements for children

Children can often be the cause of considerable upset between divorcing spouses during divorce, with both parties having strong opinions on where their children should live and the type of contact each parent should be entitled to.

Our divorce solicitors in Scunthorpe understand how complicated and upsetting divorce can be. When you instruct our family law team for your child arrangement matter, you can be rest assured of receiving an outstanding service from solicitors who care about your and your child’s best interests.

The Symes Bains Broomer team will guide you towards a less contentious, quicker, and more cost-effective approach for your child arrangements. Examples of these ADR methods include private negotiation and mediation, which help to maintain your parent-child relationship and ensure stress is kept to a minimum. We can further assist in obtaining a child arrangement order should it be necessary.

Our divorce lawyers can help with child arrangement matters, to include:

  • Where your children will live most of the time
  • How much time they will spend with each parent and other relatives such as grandparents
  • Key decisions about their upbringing, such as where they will go to school and whether they should change their name
  • Whether the children can be taken abroad on holiday or to live permanently
  • Child maintenance payments

Local family law resources for Scunthorpe

Citizens Advice Lincolnshire  

Citizens Advice Lincolnshire can provide free independent advice and support to individuals across Lincolnshire in a range of family law matters, including divorce.

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For expert advice from our divorce solicitors in Scunthorpe, give a member of our family law team a call on 01724 281616 or email info@sbblaw.com.

We also have an office in Goole for your convenience should you be unable to reach our Scunthorpe office.