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Tracy Lumb

Tracy Lumb

Support Staff

I came to work in law in 1984 as an Office Junior in the times when we used manual typewriters and carbon paper. The day we got a Word Processor (just the one for the whole firm) and a telex machine was a new dawn. Times have changed since then thank goodness. Over the years I have worked as support staff in Wills and Probate, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, I had a stint in crime (only in the legal defence bit I hasten to add) although the majority of my time was spent on Reception whilst also working as a secretary in the Family Department. I currently work in the Residential Conveyancing Department. Gaining experience by working in different departments has proved priceless to me over the years.

I always put myself in the position of the client at work and think of the service I would want to receive if I were them and that way I know I will do my very best for them.