Agricultural Tenancies

Agricultural tenancies can range from modern Farm Business Tenancies to old style tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986.  There are also some arrangements which do not count as tenancies, these are things like grazing licences.  The law relating to this variety of arrangements is very complex with subtle nuances that can cause significant issues.  We have spent many years advising on tenancy and licence arrangements of this nature and we have an excellent team happy to assist.

The types of queries that tend to arise in this area concern issues of succession to the tenancy, obligations under a Farm Business Tenancy and queries regarding notices to remove the Tenant.  Again, we advise both Landlord and Tenant farmer and this gives us an excellent perspective on the competing interests which can feed into our advice.

This is a complicated area of law that requires specialist legal guidance and we would be more than happy to help to guide you through the maze.