Buying or Selling Farms and Farmland

For farming businesses, their main commodity is land.  Therefore, the dealing in land is of crucial importance to rural businesses and it is of fundamental importance that you can rely on your legal advisor.  Our service is one that can be relied upon to be knowledgeable and efficient.  We ensure that we work with you throughout the transaction and we also work closely with any other advisors that you may have, for example Land Agents or Accountants.

Very often the land itself is only the start of the matter.  Significant rural law issues include single farm / basic payment entitlements, EU quotas, tenantright and holdover.  These issues are part of what makes agricultural law a specialist area.  Our team are fully familiar with all such issues and we ensure that our training and knowledge of these issues remains current and live.  Both Laurence Kirkby and Helen Barton are members of the Agricultural Law Association and this is crucial in keeping our knowledge up to date.