Employment Law for Employers

Here at Symes Bains Broomer we offer a full range of services for businesses regarding any employment, staffing or HR queries that they may have.  

Our advice can start at the very beginning of the employment relationship by preparing documents such as Contracts of Employment together with policies and procedures.  The aim of these documents is to give something that the parties can refer to throughout their relationship in order to resolve any disputes or differences that may arise.

We can also guide you through any staffing issues such as assisting with disciplinary or grievance processes.  All of this guidance is aimed at trying to resolve any matters before they get out of hand.  However, it is inevitable that some disputes lead to full scale litigation between the parties and a parting of the ways.  We are able to advise on this litigation and we are also experienced at attempting to broker settlement between the parties so as to allow both parties to move forward.

We would always urge businesses to keep in regular contact with us as your trusted commercial advisor and this can be at its most relevant in the area of employment law. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help.