Contracts of Employment for Employers

A contract of employment is the key document governing the rights and responsibilities of both parties to the employment relationship. They can often be overlooked, but our advice is to ensure that contracts of employment are sorted very early in the employment relationship, if not immediately before.

We have experience in preparing these documents from scratch or reviewing and analysing existing documents in order to explain the terms. Either way, both parties should be familiar with the document and understand its implications. Our aim is to ensure that our clients have this knowledge so that they are better prepared to deal with any query or issue that arises during the employment relationship.

Our team have worked alongside businesses of all sizes and across various different

sectors so are well placed to offer your business practical contracts of employment advice and support.

Our expert contracts of employment solicitors can assist with a wide range of potential matters that could arise, including:

  • Advice on drafting a contract of employment
  • Reviewing an existing contract of employment
  • Advice on contract negotiations
  • Breaches of contract
  • Enforcing a contract of employment

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Why you can rely on Symes Bains Broomer for contracts of employment advice

Decades of specialist experience with contracts of employment

Our expert team have been helping business with all of the aspects of contracts of employment for a number of years.

As such, we have seen all of the common issues that can often arise, as well as some of the more uncommon ones. We can therefore provide seasoned advice you can rely on to protect your business interests and maintain important employee relationships where possible.

We are also able to take an integrated approach to legal issues concerning employment contracts, drawing on expertise from across the firm in related areas, such as employment disputes and settlement agreements

A wider view that takes into account your overall business practices

Whenever a contract of employment is drafted, it is essential to fully understand all of its potential implications for your wider business practices. Given how a small misstep can potentially lead to disruptive disputes further down the line, it is essential that every detail is taken care of.

Our team are here to make sure that the fine print of any employment contract protects your commercial interests. We provide clear advice in plain English, clarifying exactly what the terms of the contract entail and how they can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

Client-focused service tailored to your needs

We understand that every business, and its respective workforce, is unique. Our team will work closely with you to help understand exactly what you are looking to achieve, specifically tailoring our advice to ensure that any contract we draft suits your business.

What our contracts of employment solicitors can do for your business

Drafting a contract of employment

If you need help drafting a contract of employment from scratch, our team will be on hand to lend their expertise.

Our contracts of employment solicitors can walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We can help to ensure that the contract in question is specifically tailored to your business, setting the right tone for your relationship with your employees.

Reviewing an existing contract of employment

If you already have an existing contract of employment in place, we can work with you to review it and make any amendments where necessary.

Our team can clearly explain the terms included in the contract (both express and implied) and discuss whether they are likely to have an effect on your relationship with your employee moving forward. We can also work to make sure that there is a reduced risk of employees breaking or challenging their contracts.

Advice on contract negotiations

Your employee may wish to engage in negotiations regarding the terms included in their contract. We can support you during these negotiations, ensuring that your commercial interests are well protected, while laying the groundwork for an effective relationship with the employee in question.

Breaches of contract

If your employee has breached the terms of their contract, we can advise you on what your options are and how you can effectively respond to the breach.

We can also make sure that the consequences of contract breaches are explicitly included in the contract itself, reducing the potential for further disputes to occur following an enforcement decision that arises.

Enforcing a contract of employment

We can advise businesses in relation to enforcing the terms and covenants included in a contract of employment. Enforcing an employment contract may involve requesting an injunction or engaging in mediation sessions depending on the situation.

Working with our wider team of employment solicitors, we can also review your internal disciplinary procedures to ensure that they are up to date and serve their purpose for your business.

Contracts of employment FAQs

Can you change the existing terms of an employment contract?

It is possible to change the existing terms of an employment contract, but not without an agreement from the employee in question. 

If you make adjustments to an employment contract without notifying the employee, or waiting for an agreement, you will be in breach of the contact and could be at risk of facing legal action.

If you intend to make changes to an employees’ contract, you should also provide enough advance notice before the proposed changes take place so that the employee can plan ahead of time.

Are there different types of employment contracts?

There are different types of employment contracts your business may provide. These are:

Full-time contracts

These contracts are offered for permanent positions within your business, setting out a salary or hourly wage, as well as other details like holiday entitlements and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

Part-time contracts

A part-time contract is generally handed to employees who hold permanent positions but work fewer contracted hours than a full-time employee. The contract will contain very similar details to a full-time contract.

Fixed-term contracts

Fixed-term contracts last for a specified amount of time, which is agreed in advance. A fixed-term contract may also end when a specific task has been completed.

Agency contracts

Agency staff have their contracts agreed or managed by a recruitment or consultant agency. They usually work on a temporary basis.

Zero-hour contracts

Zero-hour contracts specify that an employee only works when required by their employer. The employer is under no obligation to provide hours for the employee in question and the employee does not have to accept what is offered to them. Someone on a zero-hours contract is entitled to seek employment elsewhere.

What happens when an employee breaches their contract?

If your employee is in breach of their contract, there are a number of potential actions you may be able to take. If the breach is considered to be minor, then it may be possible to resolve it internally without the need for litigation.

However, if the breach is more serious, then further action may be required. If the matter cannot be solved through mediation sessions, then it may be necessary to pursue a claim against the employee in question through the courts.

Our contracts of employment fees

We offer a range of flexible pricing options to suit your business’s needs and budget, including fixed fee arrangements where appropriate.

Our contracts of employment solicitors will be happy to provide a realistic estimate of costs at the outset and will always keep you up to date about the cost of any ongoing legal work we carry out for you.

For more information about our fees and pricing, please get in touch or visit our pricing page.

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For clear, astute advice in relation to contracts of employment, please get in touch with our local teams in Scunthorpe or Goole or use our online enquiry form for a quick response.