Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors

Bad debt can be a huge issue for any business and the consequent lack of cash can be hugely damaging regardless of how profitable the business seems.  Our Commercial Debt Recovery department is headed by Andrew Horwich and he is ably assisted by a dedicated team who specialise in attempts to recover these debts for your business.

Our team pride themselves on making the price structure of their services clear and easy to understand and there are various stages to that structure.  This provides huge flexibility to our clients, some of whom wish to try a few chasing letters and others who wish to pursue the debt all the way through the courts.  Our tailored pricing strategy sets out the stages and options open to you so that you can choose which service you would like and so that you are clear what this will cost you.

If bad debts are causing your business difficulties then we would be delighted to hear from you.  To get further information please get in touch directly with Andrew Horwich, enquire through our Enquiry Form or call our Scunthorpe office.