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Commercial Property Solicitors in Scunthorpe & Goole

There are range of complex issues which need to be carefully addressed when dealing with commercial property. In every instance, commercial property will represent a significant investment, highlighting the importance of detailed advice from specialist commercial property lawyers.

At Symes Bains Broomer, our commercial property team can advise on the many aspects of Commercial Property law including buying, selling or re-mortgaging commercial land and buildings together with advice on Leases and the full range of Landlord and Tenant issues that may arise.

Commercial Property work is often time sensitive, detailed and high value. Sound legal advice is imperative for all involved and our experienced team strike the correct balance for you.  We always keep our eye on the detail but we aim to ensure that we work within your time limits.

For expert advice and guidance about any issues you may have, get in touch with our commercial property solicitors in Scunthorpe or Goole. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Why choose our commercial property solicitors?

We are proud of the bespoke commercial property service we provide to both businesses and individuals across our local communities in Scunthorpe and Goole, as well as the wider Lincolnshire and East Riding of Yorkshire areas.

No matter what your requirements are, or the type of commercial property matter you need our team’s support with, we will provide a prompt response and look to find a suitable solution as efficiently as possible.

Our friendly commercial property solicitors will work closely with you to assess your requirements and ensure that we provide a service to suit. We recognise the importance of tailoring our service to meet your short and long-term commercial objectives, whatever they may be.

Our commercial property solicitors include:

  • Rodger Price – Rodger is our Managing Partner and dual-qualified solicitor and barrister. With a long background in business law, Rodger specialises in commercial work, including an array of commercial property transactions.
  • Charles Broomer – a highly experienced lawyer and Consultant, Charles specialises in a wide range of matters, including commercial leases and other property related matters.
  • Kayleigh Clarke - a solicitor with detailed experience of all aspects of commercial property work who has built a loyal following of clients from commercial landlords, through to developers and business owners.

What our commercial property solicitors can do for you

Buying and selling a commercial property

Commercial property law and, by extension, the commercial conveyancing process, can be complex. This is especially in comparison to residential property transactions. In every case, there are likely to be a range of restrictions and liabilities that you need to be aware of, all of which could affect the return on your investment.

If you are looking to buy or sell commercial property, our solicitors will be of assistance.

We can guide you through every stage of completing a transaction. From simply finding a suitable commercial property for your portfolio, through to negotiating Heads of Terms and dealing with the exchange of contracts, our team will provide detailed support from start to finish.

Commercial property leases

Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, your lease will be an essential component for defining the nature of the agreement you have in place. Often, your ability to continue running your business or protect your original investment will depend heavily on the terms in the lease agreement.

Whether you plan to enter into a new commercial property lease, renegotiate existing terms, bring a commercial tenancy to an end, or resolve a lease dispute, our commercial property conveyancing solicitors can lend their expertise.

We have a wealth of combined experience in handling commercial property lease matters, having previously supported clients from a range of backgrounds.

Commercial property disputes

When a commercial property dispute arises, it is imperative that they are tackled head-on and as swiftly as possible to reduce the risk of them spiralling out of control and causing further damage.

Our commercial property lawyers work closely with our Litigation team to provide a comprehensive dispute resolution service for both landlords and tenants. Whatever your circumstances, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the merits of your case and work towards finding a solution that is in your best interests.

Due to the potentially disruptive nature of commercial property disputes, early guidance can mean the difference between resolving the matter at source or having to proceed to expensive and time-consuming litigation proceedings.

Common questions about commercial property

What is commercial conveyancing?

Simply, commercial conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring the title of a commercial property (such as an office, retail store, warehouse etc) from one person or company to another.

The commercial conveyancing process does share some similarities with the more straightforward residential conveyancing process. However, there are also a range of differences which can highlight the importance of specialist expertise.

The nature of commercial property law means that commercial conveyancing often takes longer to complete, while the presence of existing tenants and additional considerations can add extra layers of complexity to a transaction.

How much does commercial conveyancing cost?

The costs incurred for commercial conveyancing will include the professional fees for your solicitors and surveyor, as well as additional expenses such as search fees, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty.

If you are buying a commercial property, you will also have various expenses that will be incurred, such as insurance and maintenance costs.

At Symes Bains Broomer, our experienced commercial conveyancing solicitors provide a range of flexible pricing options with regards to our legal fees. This includes fixed fee agreements where appropriate.

For more information about the way we charge, see our pricing page.

What does a commercial property solicitor do?

The work your commercial property conveyancing solicitor will carry out will depend on your requirements. Typically, a commercial conveyancing solicitor will:

  • Advise on the purchase and sale of a commercial property
  • Negotiate with the other party’s solicitor
  • Review contract packages
  • Arrange the necessary local authority searches
  • Support with exchange and completion
  • Draft and review commercial leases
  • End commercial leases
  • Resolve commercial property disputes

How long does a commercial property transaction take?

The time it takes to complete a commercial property transaction will depend on various factors. Straightforward transaction could reach completion in a matter of a few weeks, while those with more complicated issues could take substantially longer.

Can parties change the terms of a commercial lease?

While it is not possible to insist on a change to the terms of a lease, either a landlord or a tenant could be willing to negotiate if changes are suggested. If the terms you propose are considered to be less favourable , it may be possible to agree the changes subject to a financial payment in lieu.

What are Heads of Terms?

The Heads of Terms are the principal terms which are agreed between the parties in a commercial property transaction. These are usually agreed between the commercial estate agent, known as the Land Agent, or perhaps by a surveyor and the purchaser. They will form the basis of the terms set out in a written contract or agreement. They often include elements like:

  • The agreed price of the property
  • The rent payments
  • The length of the lease term
  • The type of lease

Get in touch with our commercial property conveyancing solicitors in Scunthorpe and Goole

For expert advice and guidance about any issues you may have, get in touch with our commercial property conveyancing solicitors in Scunthorpe or Goole. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.