Commercial Contract Solicitors

We are able to assist businesses with advice on a wide range of commercial contracts which they may encounter during their business operations.  The performance of contracts can be the lifeblood of a business and it is important to take specialist advice on the rights and obligations contained within these documents.  We are able to assist you in understanding these documents and pointing out any unusual issues which we feel could pose a problem.

This sort of work is also crucially important for start-up businesses.  Before trading it is hugely important for businesses to ensure that they have solid terms and conditions of sale which they are able to rely upon if something goes wrong and our Commercial Team has experience in drafting terms and conditions of this nature.

There are undoubtedly some occasions where the contract in nature may be too niche for our expertise to cover, for example intellectual property contracts.  However, in those circumstances we have excellent contacts with other firms and we would be able to try our very best to fix you up with someone who could assist.