Share Sales and Purchases

At Symes Bains Broomer we have a strong team who are ready and able to assist in connection with proposals for the sale and/or purchase of shares in a limited company.  It is often a misconception that this is an area of law best left to large city practices.  We feel that our experienced team offers the best of both worlds by combining expertise with value for money.  Our team comprises experience of working at large city practices together with expertise developed through advising on many successful transactions.

We like to keep you involved throughout the process and we tend to assign a specific team to work on each share sale/purchase due to the sheer volume of work involved.  We feel that this works best by providing a broader base of resources and providing you with several points of contact.

We also consider it to be vitally important to work with your other trusted advisors such as your accountants or tax specialists.  By working together we feel that the advice that you receive is balanced and complete.