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Court Representation Solicitors in Scunthorpe & Goole

This can be a difficult area of law with legal jargon and procedure which can be confusing. We can explain in easy language so you understand what you have been charged with and whether you have a possible defence, what evidence the prosecution have against you, and how we would recommend you should plead. 

We will also advise you as to whether your category of offence will mean your case will be transferred to the Crown Court or heard at the Magistrates’ Court. Mr David Rix and Mr Rodger Price are able to represent you at the Magistrate’s Court.

Alternatively we have a good working relationship with several local barristers who will represent you at the Crown Court. 

There is legal aid available for some criminal offences, subject to meeting the Legal Aid Agency criteria. Otherwise we ensure that we are cost-transparent, you are fully informed of the anticipated costs and receive regular cost updates.

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