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Settlement Agreements are becoming increasingly popular ways for employers and employees to conclude the employment relationship. They can allow a wide range of employment disputes to be resolved swiftly and effectively without the need for the time, expense and uncertainty involved with an employment tribunal.

The key benefit for employers is that the employee is agreeing to waive the specific employment claims, saving the employer time and legal costs, while keeping the dispute private and avoiding the risk of reputational damage.

For employees, a settlement agreement provides a fast resolution to their dispute and a guaranteed result, compared to the long and uncertain process of taking their claim to an employment tribunal that might rule against them.

The Agreements themselves are likely to follow negotiations between the parties about the terms of any settlement and our team are happy to help with these negotiations as well. Recent law has introduced the idea of ‘protected conversations’ aimed at agreeing settlements of this nature and we are on hand to advise on these conversations and to explain their legal implications.

At S​ymes Bains Broomer, our employment lawyers have extensive experience in both drafting settlement agreements and advising on their terms. We can explain everything to you in a clear, accurate and timely manner, giving you confidence that you are getting a fair settlement that meets your needs.

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How our employment lawyers can help you with a settlement agreement

Reviewing the terms of an employment settlement agreement

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement, you must have it independently reviewed by an appropriate expert, such as an employment lawyer. Our settlement agreement solicitors can do this for you, providing clear guidance on whether the agreement is fair or whether we believe a better settlement is possible.

Representation for settlement negotiations

Where you need to negotiate a settlement, our employment lawyers can advise you on your rights and what a suitable settlement might look like. We can also sit in on settlement negotiations with you and represent you where appropriate to help you arrive at the best available settlement for your circumstances.

Representation for employment disputes

Should you fail to reach a suitable settlement agreement and need to take your employment dispute to an employment tribunal, our specialist litigation solicitors will be happy to advise you.

How do employment settlement agreements work?

A settlement agreement is a legal document in which an employer and an employee (or former employee) agree to resolve an employment dispute without the need for an employment tribunal.

This will usually involve the employer making a one-off payment to the employee in exchange for the employee agreeing not to take a specific complaint to a tribunal.

Depending on the circumstances, there are three common ways you may receive a settlement agreement:

  1. Your employer may pre-emptively offer a settlement e.g. when making you redundant.
  2. You may negotiate a settlement privately with your employer/former employer when you have raised a concern about an employment issue e.g. workplace discrimination.
  3. You may negotiate a settlement agreement through the Acas early conciliation process with the assistance of an Acas conciliation expert.

Whatever the means by which you arrive at a settlement agreement, to have legal standing, it must:

  • Be in writing
  • Explain the specific issues it relates to (it cannot simply state that you will not bring an employment tribunal claim for any reason)
  • Explain exactly what each party to the agreement will do under the terms of the agreement
  • Be drafted by a lawyer who is independent of your employer (who must be named in the agreement)
  • Be reviewed for the employee by an independent lawyer/suitable trade union representative
  • State that the agreement complies with the rules for settlement agreements (and what these rules are)

Our settlement agreement fees

Your employer will usually meet the cost of having an independent solicitor review a settlement agreement for you. This is in your employer’s best interests because employees must take independent expert advice before signing a settlement agreement for it to be legally binding.

Where you need more bespoke legal support, we will be happy to discuss our fees with you. Wherever possible, we will agree a fixed price in advance, giving you certainty over the costs involved.

If you are concerned that an employment tribunal may be required, you can also take a look at our employment tribunal pricing for employees.

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For immediate expert advice on a settlement agreement, please contact our employment lawyers in Scunthorpe or Goole.

Have a quick question? Use our online enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.