Domestic Abuse Solicitors

We recognise that it is important that you and your children feel safe. We can therefore assist you with obtaining a protective injunction to prevent you from being threatened, intimidated, harassed or harmed. We can also obtain a protective injunction so you can return to your home and exclude the perpetrator.  We will explain the process to you, prepare the court application and represent you at Court.

It is a criminal offence for breaching these injunctions and the injunctions have to be hand-delivered to the perpetrator and provided to the police. We therefore liaise with the police and a process server on your behalf. 

There is legal aid available for protective injunctions, subject to meeting the Legal Aid Agency criteria. We work closely with local support agencies who can often assist with providing the necessary evidence. 

If you would like to get in touch you can do this by using our Enquiry Form, calling, or popping into one our offices. We are happy for your support worker to come with you to the meeting and Court. We recognise that it is often difficult to gain the courage to leave your partner and get help and often having a familiar face with you helps.