Matrimonial Finances

We will negotiate with your former spouse or their legal representative regarding the matrimonial finances. Once agreement is reached we can assist you with drafting the Consent Order to be approved by the Court which outlines the agreement, and once approved by the Court is legally binding.

If negotiations through correspondence are not successful then we can consider other options such as a referral to mediation, or a meeting with your former spouse and their legal advisor. Our team has extensive experience of assisting clients with financial matters. 

The aim would be to resolve matters directly with your spouse or civil partner, where possible, as this is a more cost effective and sensible way of dealing with matters. This is particularly important if there are children involved as court proceedings can often aggravate matters and cause ill feeling. 

However, if necessary, our team can assist you with making your application to court. There are several forms required during the court process which we can assist in preparing. 

We aim to offer a flexible approach to the help we can offer in relation to financial matters as we appreciate an application to Court is a last resort and often an unplanned expense. Please get in touch and we can provide you with more information as to the different levels of help we can offer you.