Litigation Solicitors

We have a focussed and experienced department focussing on a wide range of aspects of civil litigation.  The team is led by a Partner in the firm, Andrew Horwich, and he brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise to any given job.  Andrew is extremely popular with his clients and is a widely respected figure in the local legal and business community.

Any form of litigation can be highly unpredictable, both in terms of outcome and cost.  Our team aims to discuss all issues with you at the outset of your particular case.  We aim to discuss likely prospects of success, the potential duration of the litigation as well as the potential costs that may be involved.  Of course, we are unable to guarantee success or to accurately predict costs every time; litigation is unpredictable by its very nature.  However, our team is focussed on providing the best possible guidance to you at the outset of your case and throughout its duration so that you are armed with the best information that you can possibly have.

The types of litigation can be broad and varied.  Our team have expertise in advising on Accident Claims and Contract or Commercial Claims.  In addition, our team has advised on more specialist types of litigation matter such as Land Registry adjudications and Landlord and Tenant disputes.  If you have any form of dispute and require some specialist advice, then we would recommend contacting Andrew Horwich at our Scunthorpe office to have a chat through your requirements.