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Litigation Claims in Scunthorpe & Goole

As with accident claims, there are a wide range of circumstances that can fit within this particular area of work.  There may be a set of circumstances where you have purchased goods under a contract and you feel that the other side has not fulfilled their side of the bargain.  Alternatively, you could have entered into a contract for services to be provided and you feel that this has not been honoured.  Our team have experience in both bringing and defending a wide range of litigation claims.  These would cover the examples given above but would also extend to a wide range of other litigation situations.

Much like with accident claims, one of the most important aspects of this work is to have a broad and thorough discussion with you at the beginning of your case to establish the facts of the situation and to provide clear, early advice.  We always like to consider the potential merits of your case with you as early as possible.  We aim to provide clear guidance on what the litigation process involves together with estimates in respect of duration and costs.  Another key feature of litigation claims is to keep a close eye on the possibility of settlements and alternative ways of resolving the disputes as the case progresses.  Considering these options can be the difference between a costly, confrontational and long running dispute compared with a swift, amicable and beneficial settlement.

As with all types of litigation, there are no guarantees but we would recommend that if you have a dispute then you should speak with one of our knowledgeable litigation team.

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