Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Whether the property in question is your home or a business premises the likelihood is that it is hugely important to you.  It is this importance that can make any disputes between Landlord and Tenant extremely stressful.  Very often these disputes can have similar issues to a regular contract claim or dispute as the focus is often on the Lease or tenancy document itself.  However, remarkably often, we discover that the Landlord and Tenant relationship is not covered by a written document.  In these circumstances we have to refer to implied terms or some other form of communication between the parties.

Whatever your circumstances, we are experienced in considering all circumstances of your property dispute.  We have the knowledge to be able to advise on the merits of the case regardless of the circumstances and whether there is a written contract between you.

Due to the sheer importance of property to our lives, whether personally or in business, we would strongly recommend that early legal advice is taken in connection with property and Landlord and Tenant disputes.  Early guidance can be the difference between resolving the issue at source or having to resort to expensive and time consuming litigation.