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Tenancy Solicitors in Scunthorpe & Goole

At Symes Bains Broomer we offer a full range of service when it comes to tenancies for residential property.  Under our Litigation section, you will find details of the service that we offer when it comes to disputes between Landlords and Tenants concerning properties that have been rented.  These disputes can be painful for those concerned together with being both costly and time consuming.

These disputes can never be prevented entirely.  However, the aim of our service in our Residential Property department is to try and avoid some of these potential pitfalls later down the line by preparing suitable tenancy documents.  We regularly see situations where tenants have been permitted access to houses and flats without any form of proper agreement.  The arrangement has been sorted either on a handshake or on the back of a scrap of paper.  Our advice is to properly embody the letting arrangement in a suitable tenancy agreement and we have members of our team who are experienced at preparing this paperwork.

Whether you require the documentation on the basis of renting one property for a short period, or whether you own multiple properties and propose multiple lettings, our residential property team would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and advise on the best way forward.

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