Administration of Estates

When a loved one passes away we feel that you have enough to cope with without having the burden of dealing with the legal implications.  The process of administering an estate can be lengthy and complicated with various pitfalls for the unwary.  We are here to help to guide you through this process, whether the deceased had a will or not.  Our key value is to undertake this work with care and compassion as well as providing the technical expertise which you can expect as standard.  This process of administering an estate is known as ‘Probate’.  Our view is that this process should not be something to be scared of.  It is just a formality that needs to be dealt with and our firm has considerable experience of doing this.

If you choose to instruct our firm in connection with the Probate process then our services can range from simply obtaining the grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration if the individual dies without a Will) to fully administering the Estate ensuring that the legal duties of the Executors are carried out.  The sorts of things involved in fully administering an Estate would include calculating the value of the Estate, obtaining the grant, closing down bank accounts, distributing the assets and finalising the person’s tax affairs.  We can also ensure that we liaise with our Conveyancing department in connection with the sale of any property within the Estate.

We will always provide you with a costs estimate for our services at the outset and our costs are normally borne by the Estate.