Care Home Fees

With many of us living longer we often find that we are unable to remain in our homes in later life therefore many have to give up their independence and move in with family members or move to local care and nursing homes.  There are many scare stories about how the costs of your future care will be met and we attempt to provide clear and sensible advice to address these issues.  We appreciate that many clients will have worked hard to acquire their wealth and that they wish to pass this on to the next generation rather than it all paying for your care.

Advising on the issue of care home costs goes hand in hand with making a Will.  Our firm is experienced in advising on the possible ways to minimise the exposure of your assets to care home fees.  We feel that the best way to advise on issues surrounding care home fees is to take a structured and prudent approach rather than engaging in any risky practices.  In order to provide the best possible advice on this topic, our experienced team work very closely with other professionals to provide the best service to you.