Making a Will

Wills are hugely important documents; making one is the best way to make sure that your wishes are known upon your death.  To ensure that your will is valid we would always recommend using a professional and this also ensures that you will receive full advice on associated issues such as inheritance tax, providing for children and vulnerable beneficiaries and minimising future costs to your estate.  We would recommend that all individuals have a will and that you should review your will at least every three years but also when any major changes occur in your life.  For instance, we can advise you on the consequences of marriage, re-marriage, separation or divorce.  We also think it is vital that co-habiting couples make a will as they currently do not receive the same legal protection as married couples.

Here at Symes Bains Broomer we would start the process by arranging a face to face meeting to discuss your personal circumstances and to get to know your wishes.  We advise on the options available to you in order to implement those wishes before providing you with a draft for your approval.  In the majority of cases we do all of this on the basis of a fixed fee price so that you have the certainty of the costs that will be involved.

Crucially, our firm will ensure that you Will is validly executed and we offer the service of storing your Will for free.  In some situations, we are asked to be a professional executor in a will and this is something that we would be happy to do.  If you wish to have an initial, no obligation meeting to discuss your current circumstances then please call your local office.