Trusts Solicitors

Trusts are a complicated legal concept, indeed, our solicitors will have spent large amounts of time at university trying to getting to grips with these!  In simple terms, however, trusts involve one party holding property for the benefit of another.  Trusts can be made by someone during their lifetime or they can be created in someone’s will.  Trusts can be particularly important when property needs to be looked after for a child or vulnerable adult and they can also be very useful for tax planning purposes.

Our firm can advise on the full range of trust issues, starting with the actual establishment of the trust itself.  We can also assist in the actual administration and working of the trust once it has been created and another key role that our firm can play is acting as a professional trustee.

As with the administration of estates, we always look to provide you with an estimate of our costs at the outset of working on any trust issues so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.