Will Disputes Solicitors

Will disputes can also be known as contentious probate issues.  These disputes tend to arise in respect of three different grounds.  These are:

  1. When it is felt that the person did not have the capacity to make a Will;
  2. When it is felt that a person has had pressure placed upon them to include or exclude individuals from a Will; or
  3. When someone alleges not to have been adequately provided for on the death of a loved one.

When claims are made in these cases we can assist the individual making the claim or those who wish to defend such a claim.

These matters are dealt with through our litigation team at our Scunthorpe office, which is led by Andrew Horwich.  Andrew likes to make sure that he has a detailed and wide ranging discussion with you at the beginning of your case to establish the facts of the situation and to provide clear, early advice.  The main reason behind this is that we always like to consider the potential merits of your case with you as early as possible.  We aim to provide clear guidance on what the litigation process involves together with estimates in respect of duration and costs.  Another key aspect of contentious probate is keeping the possibility of settlement between the parties under review throughout the process.  This is because an early settlement can be hugely beneficial in respect of costs, time and stress.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of contentious probate with us then please contact Andrew Horwich at our Scunthorpe office.